One Auto API Promises Data Integration Revolution For Digital Automotive Service Providers

Published by Mark Fretwell on

REVOLUTIONARY EFFICIENCY in data integration is promised with the launch of One Auto API, a unique solution that accelerates development of automotive websites, apps and software by dramatically simplifying access and integration of data feeds.

By providing access to services from multiple data providers through a single api, One Auto API slashes the development time and costs of launching new services for retail, fleet, finance, aftermarket and other automotive sectors.

Until now, integrating quality data into apps or websites has been a long process requiring time-consuming integration, but One Auto API removes those obstacles at a stroke by providing self-serve access with services managed in a single platform.

With launch partners that include CAP, Experian and Auto Trader, One Auto API believes that its revolutionary way of integrating data will also help to power a new wave of innovative services for existing and new automotive businesses.

The business is led by Mark Fretwell, who has assembled a team with a combined 80 years’ automotive experience of the time, cost and technical challenges faced in integrating data sets essential to providing reliable information and services.

By offering one single application programming interface, One Auto API reduces the time and cost of integration with consistent parameter names and high quality documentation, backed up by support from an experienced team.

Mark said: “UK automotive benefits from an unrivalled breadth and depth of high quality data and services, but making them work for you has always required complex licensing and integration meaning heavy investment in time and costs.

“One Auto API solves that problem at a stroke by simplifying the access and integration of data allowing management of services from multiple providers through a single platform.

“With unprecedented challenges and sheer pace of change in our industry the launch of One Auto API removes a significant restraint on innovation. We expect it to help unleash a new wave of growth for established players as well as unlocking the development door for exciting new start-ups.” 

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