DVLA API: Registration Lookup Service

Published by Mark Fretwell on

The DVLA API is a secure and efficient interface that grants authorised developers access to the DVLA Database

Access the DVLA API Developer Portal or view the list of Current Available APIs.

DVLA API enables the retrieval of various types of information related to driving licences, vehicle ownership, tax status, MOT history, and more.  

Access to DVLA data is restricted and highly regulated to ensure data privacy and security.  Only authorised individuals or organisations, such as law enforcement agencies, government departments, and certain businesses have access to certain categories of information such as the VIN, and they must adhere to strict rules and regulations. 

DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Service (VES) is a popular DVLA API that returns the basic details of the vehicle including its Make.  However it is worth being aware of usage plans and throttling limits before integrating with this service. 

If you are looking for a convenient and scalable DVLA API with high uptime, a good option is to use a commercial service.  If fast, reliable service is your priority then you can check out the DVLA Registration Lookup API from One Auto API.

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