How to Use an MOT Check API

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When it comes to buying a used vehicle, ensuring its safety and roadworthiness is of paramount importance. One powerful tool that aids potential businesses involving in buying and selling vehicles, or providing vehicle checks to consumers is an MOT Check API. 

A free API is provided by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), granting access to critical information about a vehicle’s MOT history, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about how well a vehicle has been maintained and prioritise safety.

Apply to access to the DVSA MOT History API

The API enables developers and businesses to integrate real-time access to MOT records into their platforms or applications. By leveraging the vast DVSA database, the API provides up-to-date and accurate information regarding a vehicle’s MOT history, including test dates, results, advisory notes, and any recorded defects but it may not provide sufficient scalability for some commercial applications.

1. Transparency

MOT Checks promotes transparency and offers peace of mind to both car buyers and sellers. Potential buyers can quickly and easily retrieve a vehicle’s MOT history, ensuring that all necessary tests have been conducted and that any identified issues have been addressed. This information empowers buyers to make informed decisions and avoid potentially unsafe or unreliable vehicles.

2. Safety and Roadworthiness

Access to a vehicle’s MOT history allows buyers to evaluate its safety and roadworthiness. By reviewing previous test results and advisory notes, potential issues or recurring defects can be identified. This information helps buyers assess the condition of critical components such as brakes, tyres, lights, and emissions systems. Armed with this knowledge, buyers can confidently assess a vehicle’s value and potential maintenance costs and risks. 

3. MOT & Mileage Fraud Detection

Access to comprehensive MOT records aids the detection of potential fraud and seller misrepresentation. Buyers can compare the provided MOT history with the seller’s claims, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. By detecting discrepancies or inconsistencies, buyers can protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers and make more informed decisions.

4. Convenience

The DVSA MOT Check API streamlines the process of obtaining vehicle MOT history. Instead of manually searching through paperwork or relying on incomplete records, users can retrieve the information they need with an API call. This efficiency saves time and effort, providing a seamless user experience for both buyers and businesses.

5. Integration & Scalability

For businesses operating at scale where reliability and support is critical (e.g. car marketplaces, dealer websites, and mobile applications) working with a commercial organisation who can offer scalability and reliability may be more appropriate solution than building reliance on the DVSA API.


The DVSA MOT Check API is a valuable asset in the used vehicle market, and is free to use however businesses should be aware of quotas and rate limits prior to integration. 

If enhanced scalability and uptime are important considerations for the performance of your website or app then it may be preferable to work with a commercial API provider who can handle a high volume of requests and provide added value content.

CarGuide MOT History and Predictions is one such solution. It provides valuable data for consumers, repairers, lenders and warranty providers to help them assess risk and improve their decision making.


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